About Us

CHUEN Hainanese Chicken Rice & Noodles

HAI CHUEN Kopitiam was founded in 1954. The founder, Lee Hock Hong, came from Hainan Island, China, and established his business in Pudu. HAI CHUEN Kopitiam began as a family business in Kuala Lumpur, settling in a cozy corner within the bustling city, serving palatable home-made delicacies. It quickly became a popular place amongst the locals for its delightful food and neighbourliness.

HAI CHUEN Kopitiam’s house specialty was the classic poached chicken served with aromatic chicken rice, which became the signature item in the menu. The other all-time favourite was the ever-popular Steamed Bread served with Kaya and Butter, combined with half-boiled eggs and best enjoyed with a cup of aromatic coffee (HAI CHUEN’s in-house coffee blend, of course).

The legacy of Lee’s HAI CHUEN Kopitiam continues to live on today through his son, Lee Then Kit, better known as Chef Bernard, a renowned chef in the culinary industry at home and abroad. He is a member of the Celebrated Panel of Judges of “World Chefs” (WACS).

Now, at CHUEN Hainanese Chicken Rice, the tradition continues with the house specialty poached chicken rice prepared with careful selection of quality chicken, accompanied with aromatic chicken rice served along with our home-brand chilli and shallot sauce. “Tasting is Believing”.

Come down memory lane; savour the legendary delicacies of HAI CHUEN Kopitiam now served at CHUEN.

For some, it is the unforgettable taste, for others, it’s a new refreshing experience.

Welcome to CHUEN, “Where Reunion is Cherished”.